Busting Morning Routine Myths

Busting Morning Routine Myths




Today I want to bust some myths about morning routines plus share the reason that they do not work!! In fact I would like to change the name altogether but I will tell you more about that in just a second! Have you ever started a morning routine? Are you currently using a routine and want to improve it? Or Perhaps you are in the research stage and want to learn how a morning routine can help. Whatever your reason for being here, I will be talking about the best time to start your day, what you need to include in your morning routine and the biggest reason morning routines don’t work.


What time should you begin your day? The earlier the better right? Get up and get hustling!!!  WRONG. You should start your day at a time that works with your commitments and lifestyle. Personally I am not a morning person. The idea of fasted cardio at 430 am has zero appeal to me. First because my main goals aren’t fitness specific, don’t get me wrong, I do body work daily and wellness is a major priority, but it’s not the definition of life for me, and secondly, why be up at the ungodly hour of 430 am when my body fights every suggestion of the idea? My hubby and I love our late evenings and have so much productive idea time in those periods. There is no way I am going to change that to be in bed at 8 pm for that ridiculous early morning start!!


I’m suggesting that the start of your day be when ever you need it to be. As long as you have enough time to do your start of day routine, prepare yourself and safely travel to whatever your destination is, then that’s when you should rise. So rather than call it a productive morning routine, implying that you need to start hustling from the moment you open your eyes, maybe instead we could begin to call it the ideal start of day at a pace you enjoy.


Does that make sense to you?

Would you agree that each person should pick their start of day based on their individual needs and wants?

Tell me what time your day starts in the comments!




Now do you want to know what you should include in your start of day routine? Also hang in there for the reason why morning routines don’t work.


Let’s talk about what you need to include in your start of day routine. Hopefully my last point gave you a tiny hint about this next step. What you include in your start of day routine is YOUR CHOICE. If you love the idea of jumping outta bed and going for a bike ride or a run then DO IT. If you want to get up and spend time reading a book, then DO IT. Personally, I love getting up and doing my morning affirmations. That helps me get my mindset ready to tackle everything and anything. It reminds me of all the intentions and goals I have set and keeps me focused and positive. I used to roll out of bed with a grumpy caveman mentality and stumble through life, angry and resentful over anything that didn’t go my way. Starting my day with affirmations, reading from one of my books and then doing my flexibility yoga routine is the ideal start for me. Now that the world is the way it is, my children homeschool so we are no longer running out the door in the morning, stressed out and always late. We have created a start of day routine that nurtures and works for us. What are the activities that you already know serve you well in your start of day routine?? Share them with the rest of us in the comments!



I’m so glad you have hung in with me for the reason that morning routines do not work! Just before I get to that, I want to invite you to join my 21 day Unbreakable Abundance Challenge where I teach women how to have a positive mindset regardless of the challenges they are facing. We like to call ourselves Fearless Masters of Freaking Optimism or MOFOS for short. Sounds a little tougher or sumthin.


Now for the reason morning routines don’t work. As we already talked about, the honest truth is that the routine MUST be catered to your specific needs and desires. If like me you are not a morning person than fasted cardio at 430 am will just make you want to die. Jk jk not to be dramatic but it is crucial to embrace your natural personality and tendencies. Yes yes you must have discipline and routines but why cause unnecessary suffering?? Each time I began a new program from a different success coach, there was always a suggested morning routine. Not a single one ever helped me in way that my current routine does. I have carefully selected the things to include and leave out and now I enjoy the most wonderful day that I have ever had in my entire life! So to be clear, the reason the morning routines do jot work is that we are filling those routines with tasks other people are assigning. We need to carefully select our own routine so that it supports us in the best possible way. After all it is your life! Shouldn’t you enjoy living it?? Type I want to enjoy my mornings in the comments if you agree!!





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