Herbal Infused Oil with Magical Butter Machine

Recently a friend asked if there was anything we could do with a generous amount of herbs they had grown in their personal garden. I happily accepted the bags of herbs and said YES I could make those into medicinal salves and edibles. 

Using a Magical Butter Machine, I added four cups of MCT Oil, one cup of BFC herbal blend and two cups of the friends herbs. 
BFC is a blend recommended by Dr John Christopher a well known herbalist of days gone by. We have used this blend for healing bone flesh and cartilage for decades and find it to be very helpful in our herbal infusions. The herbs included are:

Oak bark
Comfrey leaves
Marshmallow root
Mullein herb
Walnut bark (or leaves)
Gravel root

This combination infused for one hour at 130 degrees in the MBM. Next the plant material is strained from the oil which is then refrigerated in glass jars until needed. This oil should stay good up to six months in fridge. 

This oil can now be used to make any type of cooked or baked item. It can also made into a salve by melting in 2 tbsp of bees wax per cup of oil. Add desired scent with essential oils (10 drops per cup of salve). 


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