Make a Date with Nutrition for a Positive Mindset

Hey hey my darlins, its ya internet Mom Bradie here. BIG WAVE


Lately I have preaching at everyone on my socials to EAT!!

The reason is that the more I work with people on mastering a positive mindset, the more I see that at least 35% of you are not eating regularly or properly. 

So today I am recommending that you Make a date with Nutrition for a Positive Mindset.

While I’m at it, I’d better ask you… Have you eaten enough today??

Or like 35% of people I talked to… are eating properly?

Hmmmm? Have you ever realized late in the day that you have not eaten anything?

Or maybe just drank coffee which if you are like me is loaded with sugar?


I find at a certain I become so nauseous that I can’t eat even if I want to!! Has that ever happened to you?? Like this video if it has. SMILE So today I want to talk with you about nutrition and the role it plays in our well being and mindset. Ok?


As a Mom of ten children, I learned LONG ago that if people don’t eat on time, things get grumpy, real fast AND nothing fixes things faster than SNAX. Do you have children? Leave me a comment letting me know either way! So as a young mom, I always had bags of cheerios, little Tupperwares full of cubed ham cheese and crackers, grapes, bananas. I was always ready to shove food in the face of a crying short human and you know what, people have ALWAYS marvelled over the behaviour manners and health of our children. But here’s the real funny part, while managing the blood sugars of my brood quite well, I was living on coffee and sugar. I was irritable, light headed, dizzy all the time, suffered low blood pressure, CHRONICALLY constipated, once I fainted in a grocery store and that was just the surface stuff I was also depressed and chronically anxious, even suicidal if I’m being totally honest.


Luckily at that time, we discovered a book called Recipes for Longer Life by a Lithuanian woman named Ann Wigmore. She was a huge advocate for raw and fermented food diets, plus the use of wheatgrass juice and a fermented beverage created using wheatgrass berries kind of similar to kombucha. Have you ever heard of Kombucha? Her book was beautiful and it was instrumental in a very formative period of my life. For several years my husband and I studied diets and health and herbalism. We raised our oldest children on the cleanest diet we could and we both still recall that period of our lives to be the best we ever felt. Better than our childhood for sure! 


So what are some of the immediate benefits that you could experience if you began eating regularly??

Stable blood sugar which will stabilize moods.

Improved digestion, when I don’t eat three good meals I struggle with all kinds of belly aches.

More consistent energy!! Avoid those sluggish mornings and mid afternoon energy crashes!

If you aren’t making your nutrition part of your self care, then you need to make it a priority TODAY.


Now I am going to give you some ideas that you can easily implement right away to get yourself eating better.

Number One is setting alerts to remind yourself to eat. Nothing has helped me more than scheduling and reminding myself to eat.

Next is double your water intake right now. My bet is that you are drinking zero water so if that is the case then start with 2 L spread over your waking hours of the day. If you consume lots of coffee or carbonated beverages, start replacing that with water or herbal tea instead.

Balance your meals and snacks. Make sure that your inputs include fat and protein and half a plate of various veggies, not just carbs. Our body requires both fat and protein to function properly! We can not make everything the body needs our selves so you must eat more than just carbs. 

Eliminate food colouring. Of all kinds. It is a food additive that your body doesn’t know what to do with and for children it can be extra aggravating. We don’t buy fruit snacks, cheezies, flavoured potato chips, coloured bakery items, cereals, none of it. 

If I could suggest adding any vitamins, I would begin with Vitamin D & B12, both are available in a spray format that is really easy to use.


The truth is my darlings, there are many factors that can improve our well being and mindset but nutrition is truly the foundation. I would love to help you build that foundation in one of my coaching programs. I hope you will check out my 21 Day Unbreakable Abundance Challenge where I teach women to be Masters of Freaking Optimism, or MOFOS cuz it sounds like way more badassish. Well I am going to wrap it up my darlings but if you are so inclined, I would love if you could subscribe to my channel and check out all my links for the socials fun the description! 

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