The Herbal Blend I am replacing Coffee With

I stumbled across a stash of herbs today while tidying the pantry. Among the bags were a group of herbs chosen for their energetic properties. Since I’ve already been decreasing my coffee intake I was pleased to stumble across this little reward for cleaning. 😂

I will list the herbs and quantities used below. I mixed them together in a bowl then placed two tablespoons of the dried mixture in tea bags so they are handy dandy and ready for use.

The tea is naturally sweet and pleasant. I am also removing sugar from my diet but this tea was honestly delicious with nothing added. 

Licorice Root 1 cup

Dried Ginger Root 1 cup

Gotu Kola 1 cup

Siberian Ginseng Root 1 cup 

Bee Pollen 1/4 cup

Yield approx 30 tea bags

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