Top Five Recommendations for Getting Unstuck

Today I am here to share this list of 5 recommendations for getting unstuck.

Its hard to believe it now but not so long ago I found myself in a place I never wanted to be. It was dark, it was lonely, I was sad all the time, nothing was working for me. It felt like every single thing was a crisis sent to overwhelm me and make me a victim of circumstances. I cried daily, my health was poor, my thoughts caught in an endless cycle of despair anxiety and worry. I reached a point where I did not want to carry on. Having that realization scared me enough start trying something new. I needed to be strong so I could be a good mother to my ten children!!


After all there is that saying that declares insanity to be the continuation of doing the same thing expecting a different result.


So what exactly did I change?

Truthfully? Countless things.

Today though I am going to share with you my top five recommendations for getting unstuck.

Before I go on though, it’s important to realize that there are different levels of stuck.

Some of us are stuck in bed, can not even get up to care for our own basic needs.

Some of us are stuck in a job we don’t like.

Some of us are stuck in a creative rut.

Some others have lost someone recently and they are stuck in grief and healing.

We are all stuck in some way shape or form.


That is why I have created this list of my top 5 recommendations for getting unstuck.

Are you ready?

Ok lets do it.


  1. Pick one new task to add to your daily routine. If your routine currently has nothing on it then I want to put one thing on it. Then do it. Everyday. For a week. Pick something easy that you KNOW you can succeed at. I’m not kidding here. Nothing is too small a goal. Have you been eating daily? START THERE.

2. Get outside. This could even be the one thing you add to your routine and then look, you’ve completed tow of these 5 steps already. You are a bloody champ. No Im not kidding. Go sit on the steps outside if you’ve no energy. Walk to the end of the driveway next time and back. Do it daily and go a tiny bit further each time.

3. Clean something. You get to choose but it should be something outside your norm. Under the sink? The drawer beside your bed. Your purse. Your belly button. It doesn’t matter, do something above and beyond your normal cleaning routines.

4. Be Creative. Have you ever had a hobby you enjoyed? Maybe its time to dive back in for a minute. Perhaps colouring a page and doing a sketch. Cooking or baking, anything! Just get created and making something that will get your creative juices flowing.

5. Eat. This is a sadly overlooked solution to helping build a healthy mind. Our brains today are grossly undernourished due to the foods we consume. Unfortunately when we start feeling unhappy, the diet is one of the first self care routines to go. We ‘treat ourselves’ to unhealthy options imposing a punishment rather than true care or love. That is followed by hours or days of feeling unwell with contributes to our feeling unworthy of better. We tend to go on an unhealthy eating binge when facing a stressful time when in reality this is when we should stick to our eating resolutions and commitments even more strongly.


I hope you have heard something even a wee bit useful amongst my words here today. Was there one suggestion you thought you could do? Leave me comment letting me know which one you liked. What I want you to know more than anything, is that there is always hope and no matter how terrible things may seem right now, you can change it. Ok my Darlin? It’s true you truly can so let’s give this list of suggestions a try and when you are ready for the next step, you can visit my website and download the Abundance Accelerator. That is a simple step by step exercise to get you looking at life completely different.

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Sending you so much love my darling, I will see you again really soon.


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