Using CBD Oil for Traumatic Injuries

I was helping my husband carry a table from the back of our shop. It wasn’t even a heavy one, just an 8 ft banquet table. I’d jumped up from some paperwork and lifted my end. “Maybe I should put my shoes on....” I thought, but then we were moving and the decision was made. About 5 feet from our destination, it happened. The heel of my right foot caught the big toe nail of my left foot and with a sickening wet ripping sound my toe nail was gone. Have you ever experienced that pain? The shock, disbelief, the blood at the gory site, all too much, all at once seems so overwhelming.


Gasping in pain and with tears running down my face, I grabbed my bottle of CBD oil. First a mL in my mouth, fuck it this calls for two. Trying to stay calm I ponder dripping some oil onto the exposed nail bed. The throbbing is insane, I know that Advil will take several minutes, and I need relief now. I weigh the information I have.

CBD is antibacterial and anti inflammatory. What can it hurt to try? After applying a couple of drops the pain immediately seems less intense, I’m able to calm myself and slow my breathing. Within 3 minutes the pain is gone. Gone? GONE.


Ok. Noted. I’m a big fan of Cannabis, so my belief in the Power of the plant is strong. For that reason, I’m always a tiny bit doubtful and I feel an unbiased opinion is necessary. Makes sense right?


Here’s a bit of the science behind CBD oil. Our body has an EndoCannabinoid System, already in place to receive the benefits of Cannabis. CBD stands for Cannabidiol one of the many Cannabinoids found in Cannabis. Humans have receptors in the skin allowing the anti inflammatory & antibacterial properties to start working right away.



Near the end of July our two youngest sons were out riding bikes. I had shown them how to put their chain back on when it slipped off. The ten year old boy was working on repairing the chain when his hand was caught in the gears. The middle finger got twisted, took a good tear and was bleeding and throbbing, plus covered in bike chain grease. Now this wee man is definitely my child, he is dramatic to the max when emotional. He was wailing and certain the finger was hanging by a thread, loaded with infection. Did I mention he was wailing?

I did not even hesitate. I dosed that bloody torn finger in CBD oil and hugged that boy. He continued to wail for a moment and that quickly quoted to whimpers. Shock has begun to set in and he was shaking so I put another couple drops on the wound again. Within 5 minutes he was calm enough to discuss washing the finger.


Based upon these and other experiences with CBD, I have begun recommending people keep CBD in their first aid kit as a safe method of quick pain relief both topically and orally. Have any questions about CBD use for injuries? Please leave me a comment below! 

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