Why I gave my Mother in Law Cannabis

To be clear she asked for it. Repeatedly...so finally I caved. I gave Gramma a tube of Mari Mend Hemp Seed Lotion for her aches and pains. At 80 years young, my husband's mother is quite an active woman and not much keeps her down. Keeping so busy at her age comes with drawbacks and the endless cycle of various products to deal with aches and pains is one of them. Gramma hinted several times about trying CBD and I wasn't sure that orally was the best way to start. (There is a significant pharmaceutical regime involved and no current interest in reduction) Pain and lack of coordination in the hands was a big complaint - over 40 million Americans suffer from arthritis! - so I gave the cream with advice to apply as needed. Into the collection of tubes and bottles it went. I didn't hear anything back so assumed it was not a big success.


Personally I found the cream's pain killing effects by accident. The lotion is promoted as ' a topical solution for healing and repair of dry and itchy skin' and is an approved product with Health Canada. The Mari Mend product line is formulated with Medicinal Grade Hemp grown in Nova Scotia Canada. One day, I was out of my regular lotion and I used the Mari Mend instead. My hip was extremely painful that day and I had been limping all morning. After applying the cream to my skin, I began to have relief form the hip pain. Within a short time I was walking perfectly fine. Research has shown that we have Cannabinoid receptors in our bodies. We are already built to receive Cannabis, even through our skin.

About a month after giving MIL the lotion I woke one morning to a message of note. I have a local friend who is quite a verbal Cannabis Opponent. This friend lives near MIL and takes really good care of her, stopping by often to check on her, bringing little things, truly very kind and sweet but I honestly never in my life thought this person would EVER TRY CANNABIS. The message said,

"Good morning. Where do you buy your cannabis cream?"


I Danced.

I cried.

Finally! I am seeing the efforts of my Cannabis Advocacy. Yes, it had to come to her through a source she trusted but finally, she was open to the idea. Since that message, Gramma has sent several of her friends to my store to get their own tube of lotion and I will be restocking really soon. It turns out that Seniors are going to be be big fans of Topical Cannabis. So if you are helping a Cannabis resistant person, consider asking them to try it in topical form. Rubbing a bit of lotion on your skin is far less frightening than ingesting.

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Bradie Sparrow

Cannabis Coach & Clinical Herbalist in Training



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