Find Your Cloud Nine in 30 Dope Days Challenge

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Do you dream of finding a balanced life, despite living with chronic pain, depression, or anxiety?
Let me guess - you've suffered for years, had zero success with doctors, or you're just too damn busy to try anything new. My 30 Day Challenge might be the perfect kickstart for you! In the challenge we will cover Cannabis education, Benefits & Effects, Safe Usage, Monitoring Effects, plus we will discuss several simple habits that will keep you on track.

Are you ready to find YOUR Cloud Nine? Join me for 30 days to experience highlights of The Cloud Nine Coaching Program.


Day One - Welcome & Introductions

Day Two - Questions & Desired Outcome

Day Three - Cannabis Overview

Day Four - Cannabis History

Day Five - Cannabis for Energy

Day Six - Micro-schedule

Day Seven - Ask Me Anything DAY


Day Nine - Cautions

Day Ten - Micro-dose

Day Eleven - Movement

Day Twelve - Breathing

Day Thirteen - Eating Habits

Day Fourteen - AMA DAY


Day Sixteen - Balance

Day Seventeen - Sabotage

Day Eighteen - Meditation

Day Nineteen - CHILL

Day Twenty - Beliefs

Day Twenty One - AMA Day

Day Twenty Two - Celebration & CHECK IN DAY

Day Twenty Three - Journalling

Day Twenty Four - Minimalism

Day Twenty Five - Death Meditation

Day Twenty Six - Forgiveness

Day Twenty Seven - Cold Showers

Day Twenty Eight - Gratitude

Day Twenty Nine - Celebration

Day Thirty - Wrap it Up