12 Weeks To A Balanced Life With Coach Bradie

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Begins March 15, 2020.


1. I help Entrepreneurs over 50 use Cannabis to relieve Anxiety, Chronic Pain and burnout so they can put their energy back in their business?

2. I help Millennial Women use Cannabis, yoga and nutrition to lose weight so they can be present and have more fun in their lives.

3. I help New Moms suffering from anxiety and post-partum depression use cannabis to feel happy, healthy and present with their children.

4. I help seniors dealing with chronic pain use cannabis effectively so they can enjoy leisurely time with friends, children and grandchildren. 

5. I help longtime cannabis users identify the effectiveness and efficiency of their daily use while exploring the full range of new products on the market.

6. I help the cannabis curious navigate the endless information available online, providing relevant suggestions specific to their particular needs.


1. My signature 12 week program is catered to the person I am working with

2. First I help you understand how to use cannabis effectively.

3. Then we incorporate other health and wellness tools that are really effective for solving Anxiety, Chronic Pain, Depression, Insomnia and so much more.

That's why my clients get better results than if they were just trying to figure it out on their own.


 1. Guiding your safe and effective Cannabis use.

2. Being a solid resource for fundamental Cannabis information.

3. Offering you support and accountability.

4. Providing relevant information tailored to your specific needs.

5. Helping you identify, focus, master and recalibrate your health goals.

6. Helping you recognize sabotage and limiting beliefs that don't serve your health goals.