Create Better Days Program

Create Better Days Program

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Are you ready to Create Better Days?

Is living with chronic pain or insomnia taking its toll?

Perhaps Anxiety is creeping into every moment and area of your life... does it keep you awake at night?


I’m happy to say that I have conquered my anxiety and significantly reduced my chronic pain. As a wife + mother of ten children (plus a business owner!) I remember living in an anxious state for months, years even. Eventually it broke me down completely. Luckily, you do not have to repeat that same fate. I have gathered up all the wonderful tools that I used to rebuild myself - (stronger than ever!) and I am going to share them with you in my Create Better Days Program. 

I spent months reading and studying about Herbs. I took every herb I could get my hands on and tried it as tea tincture or capsules, even smoking a few. I became an expert in Cannabis, began studying Herbalism, and finished a Nutrition course. My children beg for their Herbal teas while they study each morning, as even they have noticed the benefits of Herbs. I began blending herbs together to increase the absorption and effectiveness of the combinations. I also began sleeping better. Funny enough so did my husband. To be honest, everyone who tries it is getting a better sleep among other benefits. I’m sure you can see why one of those herbal blends became the inspiration for this program. 

Imagine just for moment, discovering Ancient but Simple Herbs that can help to replenish your body’s nutritional reserves. These are Herbs that have been used traditionally to treat Anxiety, Insomnia Pain & Women’s Issues for centuries in other countries but are rarely utilized in North America.

What if these simple herbs could relieve your sleepless nights? Help with your Chronic Pain? Or lessen The Anxiety? 

What would that be worth to you? 


Would you like to learn more about Creating Better Days using My Special Herbal Blend? I’d love to teach you how!!


The Create Better Days program will include


•7 Day Create Better Days Program with Daily Bradie Live Video. $349 Value

•30 days Private FB Support Group with weekly vid after 7 days. $99 Value

BONUS • Herbal Honey Instructional Video $49 Value

BONUS • MicroDose Guide $9 

Total Value 500



It is very likely that you are ready for more commitment. 
Check out My Curate Bliss Daily Program