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Blissful with Bradie

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Are you tired of living with chronic pain and sleepless nights?

Has Anxiety left you feeling small and powerless?

 My name is Bradie and I am a leading coach for women struggling with overwhelm.

Believe me,  understand. After all, I’ve been with my husband over 25 years, we’ve borne and raised 10 amazing humans, moved over 30 times, and built a successful business together. Our life has been filled with ups and downs and I have spent years feeling broken anxious and overwhelmed with pain. After an unsurprising breakdown, I decided, no more. I wanted to heal MYSELF. 

I turned to Herbs & Education. I signed up for Herbalist Training, became an Expert in Cannabis(there are programs for this now!) and finished a nutrition course. I ate, drank or smoked every herb and mushroom I could my hands on. I learned new practices, remembered old ones, and simplified. I began sleeping well again. Headaches became a rarity instead of the regular. 
Then, one day, I was singing in the shower again.

That was when it hit me. 
All the things, these tiny little things, were working. 
I was healing. 
I was Hopeful.

I was Inspired again. 

I began taking notes and making lists. I was tracking the routines, the herbal blends, the education, what would another human need to dig themselves out from that dark place?

How could I help make that process easier for another person?

When our 18yrs old daughter came to me one day in June 2020, exhausted from anxious nights, unable to put down the news, I saw the opportunity to test my new BLISS system. 

Slowly, over the course of several weeks, we implemented the herbal blends and supplements that I had been using. Next I introduced some simple practices for her to follow. We had daily checkins and moments that sucked but most importantly, she felt better and began sleeping again. She found a passion for Crystals, has become an Eyelash Artist, and plans to enroll as an herbalist once she graduates high school next spring. She is currently thriving and  I am grateful for how close our relationship has become. 

I bet you are wondering if the BLISS system could help you. 

I know it could. 
The truth is that these are very simple things.

I’d love to walk you through it. 

Picture how you might feel if you had a better sleep and more energy for your loved ones?

What would you accomplish that you’ve been putting off? 

Now more than ever, you need to seize opportunities to create your ideal lifestyle, it’s time to Dream Big! 

Anxiety can not keep you small and powerless when you stand up and take care yourself. 

Perhaps you have tried before. That’s ok. 

This time you will have support. 
This time you will have:

My 30 Day BLISS Program with daily Coaching Videos Value $1497

30 Day BLISS Program Guide Value $297

60 Day Access to the Private BLISS FB Group  Value $197

Making Nutritional Gummy Supplements Recipe Value $7

Gummy Instructional Video Series Value $47

Total Program Value  $2045

BONUS - Guide to Becoming a Magic Maker $47 +
Create Better Days Program Valued at $550

Total Package Value $2642


Would you like to take smaller steps?

Check out My Starter Program Create Better Days